Truffle Season at 8th Ave

Truffle Season At 8th Ave

Need a reason to get excited about winter? Well this week we kicked off Truffle Season at 8th Ave Terrace and for the colder months (May-August) our talented kitchen team will be playing around with nightly truffle based specials!

For those of you not in the know yet, truffle is a very particular fungus that’s is typically found in colder climates buried around the roots of oak or hazelnut trees. Imperceivable to humans only keen-scented and highly trained animals such as pigs, and in this case dogs, are able to locate and dig up these earthy treats! Over centuries the once humble truffle has risen in popularity and is now widely considered a delicacy across the globe, often fetching a price upwards of $1300 per kilo!

Once known through Europe as “black diamonds” truffles were quickly reserved for royalty and people of privilege and were said to contain the perfume of the earth itself. If you have had truffle oil or paste before you’ll quickly find out that eating it fresh and thinly sliced is a completely different experience and one that we invite you to try while the season lasts.

Our first order of two big beauties were dug up on a Monday and arrived at our door by Wednesday from the famous Yelverton Truffiere in Robertson, NSW. Widely regarded to produce some of the country’s best French Perigord Truffles, Barbara and Ted only head out searching with their self-trained dogs when they know how much we need for the week.

Over the coming months we will be working with Barbara and Ted to bring this unique taste to Palm Beach. So set your taste-buds to delicious and book your table at 8th Ave Terrace now!

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