Welcome to 8th Ave Terrace

Welcome to 8th Ave Terrace

Until recently, Palm Beach has been the quiet achiever of the ever-expanding Gold Coast dining scene. However, in our opinion, there are a notable few who really pioneered this transformation from a sleepy beachside suburb into one of the fastest growing culinary destinations on the coast. Ask anyone down this way who really kicked it all off and you’ll hear of Liz and Dean from Barefoot Barista who epitomize the potential of a Local’s Café and in fact inspired us to open our first concept, Espresso Moto, in Palmy. Or you may hear of long standing local favourites Eddie and Cherie from Avvia, who have harnessed their success of one restaurant to reinvest in Palm Beach in the form of Balboa Italian. You may even get a tug of nostalgia for Leeroy of Pablo Pablo, the travel worthy Latin eatery that has given way to exciting new venue Blue Door on 5th. In our opinion, all of these operators and many more have contributed so much to the current dining boom in Palmy and have in turn enabled us to pursue our own aspirations.

In a way, Palm Beach has been incredibly spoilt over the last few years. Sure, the café game has always been strong but bit by bit fantastic evening venues have been springing up to deliver awesome dining options no matter what the time. John and Wayne have brought us American BBQ and Beer Barn feels at Lester & Earl. Rob, Jerome and Co are going from strength to strength with Burgster. And it is this high level of quality that has trained Palm Beach Locals to accept nothing but the best, whether it’s a casual breakfast with friends or a special evening out with the in-laws, the options are plentiful.

This has been the catalyst for building 8th Ave Terrace. Our vision was to create a restaurant for locals and tourists alike that was neither fine dining nor casual dining, but somewhere in the middle; a venue that embraces the familiarity of café-friendly service while catering for the more adventurous diner. We are extremely proud that this vision has been received so well.

So, from all of us at both venues, thank you to everyone that has led the way, thank you to the new-comers who tirelessly contribute to our wonderful suburb, and thank you to all of you that have come to check us and our peers out!

Welcome to Palm Beach. Welcome to 8th Ave Terrace.

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